Looks Can Be Deceiving


While I was exploring the art show I ran into a fellow classmate enjoying the same art piece that I was. While we where admiring the art piece we started to go back and forth with great facts about each other. His name is Devin Nelson, he is a junior and majoring in Supply Chain Management with a minor in management. In the future we would like go into the international business side of his major. He is from Long Beach and Cypress and played lacrosse. I then asked him, “What about this art piece that intrigues you?’ he replied with, “Its cool, I don’t really know what he was thinking when he did it but I like the recycled bike rim in it.” I immediately agreed with the liking on the bike rim. After that the conversation went toward, “why CSULB?” Devin then replied, “It wasn’t my first choice but happy with decision.” We then went to go interview the artist and went our separate ways.



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