Emotional Camouflage

GuitarMeeting for the first time and conversing with the artist I got the feeling that he was very relieved and happy to show his art. The artist name was Nick Bamford. He is originally from Huntington Beach and is in his senior year majoring in ceramics at CSULB. After this year he is setting his eyes on the prize and going to get his masters in sculpting either at UCLA or Yale. Later on in the interview I asked what his inspiration was while he was making the art. He came back with, “I wanted to go with archive instead of character, and this would give the viewer a more wide range of interpretation.” Which lead into his main inspiration of being the best artist he could possibly be.

Seeing the rugged but beautiful art through out the gallery was very entertaining. Immediately stepping through the double doors I already had a sense of what the rest of the gallery is going to be like. The first piece when entering was a human cartoonish manikin sitting with his hands behind as stilts with his head facing to the floor. Which kind of gave the piece a more negative outlook on it. Another attribute that mad the art piece more negative was the rugged texture of the materials used. But I wasn’t going to judge the entire art show by the first piece I saw. Proceeding through the gallery I kept an open mind, but that slowly started to fade after looking at multiple pieces with the same style as the first one. It wasn’t until I saw the piece of the man playing the guitar. This piece changed my entire view on the gallery. In this piece you can see that the materials finish was smoother and there wasn’t too many empty holes throughout the piece. I got the feeling that in this piece the man playing the guitar was enjoying himself and didn’t worry about anything else.

Going though the show I started to question what the pieces were made of. This came to my mind after going through the gallery and seeing a bike rim in the hand and multiple parts in the head. During my interview I sparked the question of the materials and he listed, “wood, cement, clay, recyclables, and a lot of cardboard”. After knowing what the pieces were made of I went back into the gallery and looked at the pieces in a different way.

Going through the gallery in a different attitude and noticing pretty early on how the negative pieces had more holes, compared to the positive pieces that were covered in more detail. Going back to the piece with the man playing the guitar and the first piece I saw of the man sitting alone with his head down really made it easy for me to comprehend the meaning of the texture. I interpreted it in the sense that with the man sitting alone with his head down and having more holes in the piece that he was insecure or any negative attribute about him. And the holes showed that he is vulnerable to any comments or thoughts about him. Compared to the man playing the guitar, I saw this piece as a man enjoying his time and not having another worry in the world. And by him having a more smooth texture and layout made it seem like he doesn’t care what anybody thinks and says about him. Which only leads me to the thought that this art show is displaying that your feelings really do show from the outside.

Artists info:

Nick Bamford

Instagram: nickbamford


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